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How to install this cmdlet?

This cmdlet is released as a package and is very install to your farm. Get the package from the 'Downloads' page and follow the below steps
  • Open Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell, and run the add solution command
  • Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath "<Path to your local folder>\SPDev.Powershell.Utilities.wsp"
  • Install-SPSolution -Identity "SPDev.Powershell.Utilities.wsp"
Now you have a new cmdlet - "Upgrade-SPSolution" in your inventory.

How to use this cmdlet?

This cmdlet works the same way as Update-SPSolution does. It has all the parameters similar to Update-SPSolution cmdlet.

Example :
Upgrade-SPSolution -Identity contoso_solution.wsp -LiteralPath c:\contoso_solution_v2.wsp -GACDeployment

To get more help about this cmdlet, use the 'Get-Help' cmdlet in your Powershell.

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